Window Production Machines


For more than 40 years, SAOMAD has been producing woodworking machines and complete working centers for the production of wooden windows and door frames.
Our range of products includes woodworking machines which have a production capacity from 10 up to 100 doors and windows frames per day, completely finished both in the tenoning side, in the right and left profiling sides, in drilling and milling.
With more than 4.500 sold machines, SAOMAD is able to find the ideal solution to meet the requirements of any wood frame producer, from the smallest to the biggest ones.
Founded in the 1950’s, SAOMAD has soon occupied an important place in the worldwide market of Italian and European producers of woodworking machinery. 

The culture developed by the company’s founders facilitates the realisation of products which, on a qualitative level, are difficult to produce by means of standard industrial production.

As a leader in its field SAOMAD, in over 40 years of business, has occupied a main position in the sector thanks to the high level of innovative technology incorporated into solutions which are designed to resolve any kind of problem related to the production of wooden frames and shutters.

SAOMAD currently has a sizeable production plant with a covered area of 10.000 m² of a total 20.000 m² and a testing area of 3.000 m².

Our objectives are focused on the customers’ priorities, the continuous improvement of our technologies, the research and implementation of advanced solutions and in keeping with our age-old traditions of strength and reliability.
Thanks to a significant number of specialist personnel, a wide sales network, an advanced research and development department and a highly automated production, the production of technologically innovative products are characterised by a high level of robustness and advanced electronics.

Business management is carried out with several up-to-date computing tools and product design is performed using a 3-dimensional CAD system with PDM management.

Our technical experts are experienced and qualified in developing products with increased performance and reliability, using exclusive designs which consider the machine operator’s comfort in the various phases of machine use.

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