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CNC Working Center for Window Frames WOODPECKER JUST

Woodpecker Just is an innovative woodworking center, ideal for craftsmen and wood industries who wish to work in an economical and flexible way. Configured for the production of doors and windows, Woodpecker Just can produce from 12 up to 15 windows per day with the aid of only one operator, with high processing speed and extreme precision.
The work of several machines is now done with a single system.



  • Space and energy saving
  • Job orders execution in complete autonomy
  • Large number of tools always available
  • Not required skilled staff

Woodpecker Just is managed by a specially designed by SAOMAD software that controls its functions with extraordinary precision and can connect with the CAD / CAM systems for windows designing.

Multifunctional working group with optional independent units to  perform tenoning, profiling, drilling operations etc., driven by a large diameter screw which ensures speed and durability.

Standard 30 Position tool storage. Thanks to the quick HSK 63E couple, it is possible to insert tools and angular milling units with automatic, precise and secure tool change. For higher production needs, a chain magazine with 40 or 64 positions can be matched.

Loading / unloading motorized system with a capacity of 20 pieces (on request, it is possible to increase the available capacity). The machine can work autonomously for approximately 80 minutes allowing the operator to carry out the assembly of the pieces.
Rack with helical teeth and linear ball bearings, which ensures to the clamps high speed, precision and robustness.

Working plan with mobile bars and reference stops for machining of doors, arches, furniture, stairs, etc..
Locking system adaptable to any type of workpiece through pneumatic clamps or pressurized suction cups.
Lifters for loading / unloading of the parts

 Working height   15 - 120 mm
 Working width  20 - 260 mm
 Working length  250 - 4000 mm
 Movement speed X-Y-Z  100 x 100 x 35 m/min
 Axis C of positioning  360°
 Main spindle power  17 Kw
 Toll joint  HSK 63E
 Working of 2 pieces at time dimensions  max of 1900 mm
 Loading/unloading system  20 pieces
 Chain tools stock storage  30 positions
 Teleassistence  Yes
 Suction hoods Ø 160 mm  2
 Sensor to control the height, length and width of pieces  optional
 Maximum length to work mm 6000  optional
 Exterior tools stock to increase the positions  optional
 Working plan with mobile bars  optional
 Balluff system for the right positioning of tools  optional
 Conveyor shavings belt  optional

Technical data herewith can be subject to modification without notice – Please check with manufacturer for proper machine configuration

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