Woodpecker 60

The machining cell for extreme productivity

For large-scale industries, Woodpecker 60 is synonymous with high productivity machining cell. Woodpecker 60 can output more than 30 doors or windows (up to 12 elements) and allows to produce any kind of standard or special window regardless of its constructive concept or cross-section.

Double group of carriages, totally automatic work cycle, size control on all pieces, multiple tool magazines and the simultaneous processing of 4 large pieces make Woodpecker 60 the machining cell par excellence for the flexible manufacture of wooden doors and windows. Regardless of the production mix, Woodpecker 60 ensures maximum efficiency.

The advantages provided by Woodpecker 60 are:

Machining cell work station

Multi-functional machining cell with 4 independent electro-spindles capable of high power outputs and capable of performing all internal and external tenoning and profiling operations. Water cooling system. 19 kW motor with HSK-63E quick-release toolholder. Maximum rigidity.

To these one may add independent operating units for hole drilling and milling (holes for the pins, hinge slots, batten cutting, etc.).

It has a 112-slot linear tool magazine. All tools are immediately available for uninterrupted door or window production.

Loading / Unloading unit

Woodpecker 60 offers a double integrated and automatic loading/unloading buffer that can load 40 pieces maximum 80 mm wide and unload 40 pieces maximum 80 mm wide. It can be integrated with an intelligent magazine that allows to load up to 1,200 pieces. In this way, the machine can work 24 hours uninterruptedly without human supervision.


The piece locking system with multiple clamps ensures extreme precision, grip and stability of the piece, regardless of its profile or cross-section.

The double carriage groups allows for the simultaneous loading of 4 pieces up to maximum 2,400 + 2,400 mm in length, or of 1 single piece up to a maximum of 6,000 mm long.

Software interface

The machining cell is run by precise and intuitive software. The connection interface allows to interact with all European management software products.

The software also provides easy connection to the existing machine pool and to CAD/CAM design software programs. It is anyhow an open system that can be expanded or integrated with other specific applications.

Data sheet

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