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Woodpecker: the CNC machining centres that maximize your potential

CNC machining centres Woodpecker Saomad

Markets are constantly evolving. Tastes and client demand change rapidly. This means production flows must be flexible, agile, ready for change. Wooden doors and windows too are products subject to this trend. Increasingly more often, nowadays, we are being asked to provide windows with larger glass panes and thinner profiles, for example.

This is why SAOMAD has designed the Woodpecker line consisting of CNC machining centres that meet any production and quality requirement.

With Woodpecker there is no limit to the shapes and accessories you can make. You will be able to effectively meet the needs of the most modern aesthetic and architectural trends. With Woodpecker you can meet the needs of clients who want more than the minimum standards.

CNC machining centres that allow you to offer markets any type of wooden door or window

It is easier to ride market trends or open new business opportunities when you own highly performing production technology. The versatility of our Woodpecker machining centres will allow you to produce doors and windows of any kind, from the typical Italian solution to that typical for central Europe, from the typical UK window to the typical Chinese window.

The importance of performance: the Woodpecker CNC machining centres make any technical solution achievable

Innovation in modern doors and windows stems from the requirement of increasingly higher environmental comfort standards. SAOMAD has invested significantly in the study of a technology capable of ensuring “tailored energy quality”both in terms of minimum thermal transmittance requirements imposed by the standards of various countries and of the environmental context in which the door or window is to be installed.

The 7 great advantages of working with a Woodpecker

To choose a Woodpecker means to acquire seven advantages that make the difference when compared to similar solutions proposed by the market:

  1. Increase in productivity
  2. Lower production costs
  3. Complete work cycle automation
  4. Considerable energy saving
  5. Maximum flexibility in the range of doors and windows that can be produced
  6. No need for specialised personnel
  7. Simple maintenance


Effective solutions for your production needs

The Woodpecker line consists of four CNC machining centre models – four different versions in terms of production capacity and price, so as to meet the specific needs of all kinds of door and window manufacturers.

Which machine is right for you?

To answer this question, one must consider various factors, such as productivity, autonomy, flexibility, type of windows to be produced, etc.. An easily assessable element is productivity. The following table will give you an immediate indication of what you may need so as to then consider all the other factors based on that model.

How many windows do you want to produce per day?

up to 15

Just 3500

  • Machining centre with 1 main motor
  • Single carriage for the machining of 2 pieces 1,500 mm each or 1 single piece up to a max. of 3,500 mm
from 15 to 20


  • Machining centre with 2 main motors
  • Single carriage for the machining of 2 pieces 2,200 mm each or 1 single piece up to a max. of 4,500 mm
from 20 to 30


  • Machining centre with 2-3main motors
  • Single carriage for the machining of 2 pieces 2,400 mm each or 1 single piece up to a max. of 6,000 mm
from 20 to 80


  • Machining centre with 5 main motors
  • Machining of up to 10 pieces simultaneously
  • Production output: from 20 to 80 windows per day in double shifts
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