The carpentry CNC machine born to be different

Timber housing is a quickly growing sector throughout the world and offers enormous opportunities. So, how can one unlock this production potential? The answer is Kairos, an innovative carpentry CNC machine that is a concentrate of technology that can help wooden carpentry workshops more competitive in outputting structural beams, roofs, partitions and ceilings for timber housing and therefore in exploiting the positive trend of this market.

Kairos offers design and performance standards capable of convincing even themost demanding market operators. The 5-axis technology and the tool changer allow to carry out a vast range of processes, making this machine even more flexible. With Kairos, there is no limit to your ideas!

This carpentry machine ensures:

Work station

Among the carpentry machines available on the market, Kairos is a top-end model.

This is because the machine has an A+C axis, 15 kW power in S1, water-cooled electro-spindle featuring400° radial rotation in C axis and 220° horizontal in A axis. The electro-spindle can be turned in any direction, making it suitable for milling, drilling and profiling using the same tool no matter what their position is.

If more power is required, Kairos can be fitted with a high performance25 kW in S1 or a 30 kW in S6 electro-spindle. In this way it is possible to carry out large size machining projects with maximum profit, obtaining top quality milling and drilling in a very short time.

The cell is equipped with a16-slot tool magazine and a 2-slot blade magazine. The HSK-63E toolholder, for milling and angular operations, provides improved finishing in function of the type of tool used. With the proper tool it is possible to perform many types of processes, such as chamfering, grooving, drilling, milling, carving, marking and tracing.

Thetotally top and side closed-in cabin allows dust collection and noise reduction, thereby guaranteeing extreme safety during the work phases.

Loading / Unloading unit

The load transfer system, located on the left side of the machine, allows to load a set of beams simultaneously and automatically, quickly and accurately. The unload transfer system is located on the right side of the machine where the processed pieces are stacked at the end of the process. Kairos can work in a completely autonomous manner while the operator works on other tasks.

For greater cleanliness, the chips and processing waste are removed via a wide conveyor belt located underneath the working area.

With the base version of Kairos it is possible to process a piece that is maximum 7,000 mm long with automatic loading and unloading, while the maximum size is 25,000 mm.


Kairos has adouble dragging INPUT-OUTPUT clamp with vertical presser for correct piece positioning. It also hasside locks for supporting the wood piece and for preventing unnecessary vibrations.

Software interface

Kairos is run by integrated and intuitive software that can interface with all European management software products. It can also import data in BTL and BIM format from all CAD/CAM products of the timber housing construction sector.

Data sheet

Download the technical sheet of KAIROS 450

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