Woodpecker Mirai

The 5-axis CNC machining centre that increases autonomy and enhances production flow

Woodpecker Mirai is a 5-axis CNC machining centre that changes the usual way of working. It is a great solution for small and medium sized companies producing wooden doors and windows that aim at significantly optimizing production flow, at reducing superfluous movements and handling and consequently reducing the relating costs.

Woodpecker Mirai allows to produce from 15 to 20 windows or doors per day thanks to its innovative piece loading and unloading system.

Its completely automatic production cycle allows Mirai to work without the need for constant operator supervision.

The advantages of this 5-axis CNC machining centre?

Work station

Woodpecker Mirai is a 5-axis CNC machining centre with a 19 kWmain electrospindle motor that guarantees practically infinite processing flexibility, making it possible to process each piece in 3D on all 6 sides. It also has specific satellite motors for the obligatory and repetitive processes that each piece requires: hole drilling, batten cutting, etc..

The HSK-63E quick-release toolholder allows to insert milling and angular tools via automatic tool changing.

It has a 64-slot tool magazine that can be accessed by both motors.

Loading/Unloading unit

The distinguishing feature of Woodpecker Mirai that makes it different from all other solutions present on the market is the patented loading/unloading system with trolleys.

Other machines currently on the market also have trolleys that must be positioned in front of the machining station, but between the trolley and the machine there is a transfer system that takes the piece from the trolley and positions it on the machine’s loading bed.

WithMirai, this transfer unit has been eliminated, and the trolley is inserted directly into the machine and the same manipulator takes the piece directly from the trolley and places it onto the processing clamps.

The same thing happens in the unloading section. Mirai, therefore, has 2 systems – 1 loading system and 1 unloading system – that are independent and work simultaneously.

In this way, compared to a machine with a traditional loading/unloading system, Mirai allows to recover 60% of productivity by working with trolleys on which up to 60 pieces can be stacked, namely 6 layers with 10 pieces each.

The machine is also more autonomous because it can work for up to 4 hours, compared to the 1.5 hours of a traditional 5-axis CNC machining centre.


Piece locking system that uses multiple clamps. Simultaneous loading of 2 pieces up to maximum 2,200 mm in length each, or of 1 single piece up to a maximum of 4,500 mm long (internal tenon).

Perfect grip of the piece, regardless of its profile or cross-section. Constant precision. Maximum production flexibility.

Software interface

An intuitive built-in software, specifically designed by SAOMAD to run 5-axis CNC machining centres such as the Woodpecker Mirai. It allows to perform all types of processing operations for doors and windows. It easily interfaces with all European management software products and CAD/CAM programs.

It is a system open to new upgrades and can connect with specific applications.

Data sheet

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