Woodpecker Performance and Kairos 620 by Saomad Srl - 1

The year 2023 proved to be one of significant challenges for our company, marked by intensive research and development processes and culminating with the launch of Woodpecker Performance.

An achievement that required a considerable investment of energy but is now bearing fruit. The constant desire to grow and innovate, our constant raising the bar to test ourselves, now allows us to respond to all market demands.

How can we be so sure? Because we have now completed two other important projects we were working on.

Woodpecker Perfomance 2 by Saomad 2 Srl

After launching the revolutionary Woodpecker Performance, our development team pushed ahead and designed a high-performance yet affordable machine that would bridge the gap between the Woodpecker Mirai 4500 and the Performance.

We then optimised all the solutions implemented in the Woodpecker Performance machining centre to create a similar but smaller one: hence the Performance 2. We can say that the latter is the ‘facsimile’ of the Performance 5, but on a smaller scale. Indeed, it will be equipped with:

  • the Everest intelligent magazine that can store anywhere from 400 up to 1,200 unprocessed workpieces;
  • 2 motors;
  • 8 independent clamps that can simultaneously process up to 8 pieces (pieces up to a total length of 5,000 mm);
  • a 64- to 260-slot tool magazine.

All this has been designed to optimize production capacity and efficiency. The first tests performed show that Performance 2 can produce from 30 to 40 windows per work shift, namely in just 8 hours of work. Obviously, it can also work a double shift, simply by loading the machine so that it can work during the night.

With Woodpecker Performance 2 we can provide an effective solution for medium- and large-sized companies that are required to produce in compliance with space and budget restrictions.

Kairos 620 by Saomad - 4

The Kairos 620 marks our strong entry into the carpentry market. We presented this machine a few years ago, but it was in 2023 that we made major changes to optimise it.

The Kairos 620 stands out for:

  • a clamping system capable of lifting even large-sized beams;
  • a strong loading and unloading system that allows to shift a set of beams simultaneously;
  • a 5-axis motor that can tackle even the most complex machining tasks.

Another of its strengths is the Saomad software interface that makes it simple and intuitive to interact with the CAD programs already found on the market, all of which makes Kairos 620 an even better choice for the modern carpentry industry.

Performance 2 and Kairos 620 will also be equipped with Siemens’ Sinumerik One, the latest evolution in CNC machining. This choice reflects our commitment to innovation and reliability, characteristics that have always distinguished us in the market. Our long and fruitful collaboration with Siemens allows us to guarantee the highest quality and safety for our customers.

Woodpecker Perfomance 2 by Saomad 2 Srl - 7

The pursuit of cutting-edge solutions is the driving force behind our growth. 2023 was an important year, but our sights are already set on 2024 and beyond, with the aim of overcoming new challenges and of continuing to offer machining centres that anticipate the needs of the market.

Our wealth of knowledge, experience and technological expertise spurs us on to explore new horizons, keeping us one step ahead. After all, our customers know that standing still is not part of our modus operandi.


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