MIRAI stems from the constant commitment to innovation that changes the conventional way of working, thereby enhancing production flow and increasing operational autonomy. We have asked our sales manager a few questions in order to illustrate the characteristics that set MIRAI apart from all of the other solutions we see on the market today.

What is the new concept behind the Mirai processing solution?

It is basically a simple concept that allows to optimise production flow to the utmost.

What changes with MIRAI? Well, our new machine works with trolleys on which up to 60 pieces can be stacked, namely 6 layers with 10 pieces each.

A trolley can be easily moved by one operator, who will position the various pieces according to the processing order. The pieces are then uploaded by the machine, one layer after another. Unlike the MIRAI, all other machines have a loading bed that can host only a limited amount of pieces.

This isn’t the only difference, though, right?

Right. All of the machines currently on the market also have trolleys that must be positioned in front of the machining station, but between the trolley and the machine there is a kind of unit, a transfer system that takes the piece from the trolley and positions it on the machine’s loading bed.

In the MIRAI, this transfer unit has been eliminated, and the trolley is inserted directly into the machine and the same manipulator takes the piece directly from the trolley and places it onto the processing clamps. The same thing happens in the unloading section, where the manipulator places the machined piece directly onto the trolley. MIRAI, therefore, has 2 systems – 1 loading system and 1 unloading system – that are independent and work simultaneously.

This optimises work times, reduces the amount of superfluous movements and manipulations, and lowers their costs.

While the machine is working, the operator gets organised so as to fill the slots of an empty trolley. As the machine loads the last piece from the first trolley, the operator can insert the second, full trolley. As the machine unloads the last machined piece, the empty trolley will be inserted to replace the filled one. In this manner, one gets a machine that works non-stop. Compared to a machine with traditional loading/unloading, MIRAI gains 60% in production rate.

What are the other advantages of MIRAI compared to a conventional machine?

MIRAI is not only much faster thanks to the loading and unloading systems that work simultaneously, but is more autonomous because it can work for up to 4 hours, compared to the 1.5 hours of a classical machine. This is a significant increase.

Significant technical features?

MIRAI has two machining motors, a 19 kW motor and a 5-axis machining motor so as to achieve practically infinite processing flexibility. In this way, in fact, it is possible to process the piece in 3D on all 6 sides.

It also has specific satellite motors for the obligatory and repetitive processes that we have for each piece: hole drilling, batten cutting, etc..

It has a very large tool magazine – with 64 slots – that can be accessed by both motors.

I would like to underline how these benefits and these features are all the more significant when one considers the fact that we are talking about an entry level machine at a cost not much different from that of a standard machine.

This is an extremely advantageous solution for the small or medium-sized company that produces doors and windows.

In summary, the benefits of MIRAI are…

Proceeding step by step, MIRAI:

  • offers great processing autonomy;
  • is very flexible thanks to the very large tool magazine;
  • has 2 motors that can work simultaneously on the same piece;
  • has 5 machining axes;
  • has 2 systems – loading and unloading – that are completely independent which means that the machine never stops processing, thereby eliminating any kind of waiting time.

In addition to MIRAI, are there other news coming up?

In the comping months we will be presenting other interesting innovations, including the ‘intelligent warehouse’ and the new Optima machine.We will be showcasing this news in this blog, so I am inviting our readers to follow us and subscribe to our newsletter to be kept up to date.


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